Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] JayBird and
Author Eron Lloyd
On 8/9/06, Roman Rokytskyy <rrokytskyy@...> wrote:
> > SQL Status: HY000
> > Error code: 335544721
> > Resource Exception. Unable to complete network request to host
> > "locahost". Reason: Unable to complete network request to host "locahost".
> Hmmm....
> > I can connect to the database from isql using localhost:employee.fdb, so I
> > don't think it's a Firebird server issue. I came across this thread, but
> > still can't nail down what could be wrong on this machine.
> >
> >
> >
> > Is there a simple way to test JayBird independently from
> What is employee.fdb - an alias or a file? If that's a file, why don't you
> use the absolute path to it? What are the file permissions on that file?

I like to use aliases for both simplicity and security purposes, but
it is the one included with the installation in firebird/examples. The
file permissions should be whatever the installation scripts produce
(I can't check here).

> Also you can try to use instead of localhost.

Interestingly I get the same error as above, specifying localhost.

> Now another question - what exactly do you want to test with OpenOffice?
> That you can connect via Jaybird? Or is your project based on OpenOffice
> Base?

First, I'd just like to make sure I can get JayBird to work with, then I would like to do some work using Base.

> Did you check the files that are posted in that thread? Alternatively you
> can use one of our examples, they should work as well.

Yep, everything looks good. I even tried Firebird 2.0 RC3 to see if it
would correct any permission settings, but no luck. I really don't
know what to think of next. Could be the JRE, could be SUSE, could be