Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Ploblems with a connection string
Author greg hamilton
If you're connecting to interbase (as I do) you should use the jaybird 1.5 driver. That works fine for me. The jaybird 2.0 driver is for the newer release of firebird.
If it still doesn't work it would help to know what the version of interbase you're using Jaybird 1.5 works with interbase 6.01. BTW I'm using JNDI, JSTL and Spring and the jaybird 1.5 driver works great.

Good luck

davidbuzatto <davidbuzatto@...> wrote:

I´m writing an app that access two databases (Interbase and MS SQL
Server) to retrive some data.

To acces MS SQL Server i´m using the jTDS JDBC driver, and it works

I´m using JayBird JDBC driver but i´m dont have success to conect to
Interbase, i´m think my conection (URL) string is wrong... I´ve been
trying lots of variations of the string...

Well, thise are the informations that i´m passing to JayBird...

Driver: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver
URL: jdbc:firebirdsql:

The jaybird-full-2.0.1.jar is in the classpath.

I hope somebody can help me, because i dont want to use the Jdbc-Odbc
bridge... (using this and the firebird odbc driver i can conect to
interbase, but i want to have more flexibility on deployment)


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