Subject Re: Special unicode characters in connection string problem
Author venushau
I see. Thanks for your explanation.
Yes I've set the environment variable.
Is there more to config for using encoding=UTF8?

--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@...> wrote:
> > Um... This is strange.
> > Because I've been using the previous jaybird version (JayBird-
> > 2.0.0RC2JDK_1.4) with the same Firebird version to create a
> > connection in the same way and is in use for a certain period of
> > time. So I suppose there is no configuration changes except
> > in the Jaybird library.
> The previous version did not understand the UTF8 encoding for
> 2.0, so if you used the charSet=UTF-8 it meant encoding=UNICODE_FSS.
> Jaybird 2.1 now for charSet=UTF-8 specifies the encoding=UTF8.
> So, if you specify encoding=UNICODE_FSS instead of charSet, it
should work.
> > The fbintl.conf is placed in the same folder as fbintl.dll.
> > I've then tried to move these files under the same folder as
> > fbembed.dll, but seems no difference. Is there any other
> > configurations required?
> Did you specify the FIREBIRD environment variable?
> set FIREBIRD=.\bin
> Roman