Subject Re: Is EventManager of the Event API (JayBird 2.1b) thread safe?
Author gamov2k2
> The class itself is definitely not fully thread-safe; the connect
> and disconnect logic should only be run from within a single thread.
> Regards,
> Gabriel

Hello Gabriel,
thx for your quick answer!
This addition of the Event API is really awesome! Solving the usual problem of always
scheduling looks for changes in the DB.
The best would be to pass the changed RecordSet along the event (we wouldn't even need
to go back to the DB to get what changed), but being notified is already a great step

A suggestion:
In the class FBEventManager, there is a private boolean connected that reflects the state of
the EventManager to the DB. It would be great to have a public method isConnected() to
know if we need to connect before adding EventListener.
We can always try-catch but code is clearer with a test...

Continue the great work,
Best regards,