Subject Re: Getting started with java...
Author htappe
> That depends. If you plan to use database-aware controls from
JBuilder, I
> guess you'd better stay with Borland components. They are quite
similar to
> those you used in Delphi.
> If you, though, plan to use plain Swing defining your own model
> then using Hibernate is ok. However it is different from what you
have used
> in Delphi (I assume you used IBX/FIB+/IBObjects or similar). The main
> difference is that you will work with objects and collection of objects
> instead of records and fields.

I forgot to say that I think about using eclipse.
And I used hibernate before. But only in a rather simple way and in a
web (struts) environment.

> > For reporting facilities I consider jasper/iReports.
> I have not used them.

Did you use any other reporting components?

> > Besides any comments which I always appreciate I really would love to
> > see some sample application (source code) to see how things work
> > together: firebird + hibernate + swing + reporting.
> The Firebird/Jaybird do not introduce any noticable specifics into the
> Swing/Hibernate usage scenarios. You can use any example of using
> Swing/Hibernate you find in the internet.

But I haven't found any good/usable/helpful ones yet :-(

Thanks so far Roman