Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Urgend character set problem
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> I thought it should work to keep database configuration at charset
> ISO8859_1 and set encoding to UTF-8. I expected jaybird (2.0.1) to do the
> translation. But it doesn't. My special characters are gone. Even all
> german "Umlaute" are gone...

The "encoding" property should be set either to UNICODE_FSS or ISO8859_1. I
do not understand why didn't you get an error something like "unknown
encoding", since UTF-8 is unknown (UTF8 is an alias for UNICODE_FSS in FB
1.5.x), maybe that is a bug in Jaybird.

On the other hand I do not understand why do you want to change the
connection charset since your database is still capable of using only
ISO-Latin-1 characters.

> What can I do?

Try to set encoding=UNICODE_FSS

> Can I do anything?

If that does not work, call me on my handy (I think you have it), or drop a
private email with your phone number, so we can discuss this on the phone.