Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Repost from support-list: jaybird.dll port on ARM
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> AFAIK to deploy a java fb-client application on a new platform
> it is needed to compile "jaybird*.dll" on that platform:
> is this correct?

Depends on your usage scenario. If you need to access FB via IPC or in
embedded mode - yes, otherwise you can use our pure Java implementation of
wire protocol and use TCP connection.

> For this reason, I tried to compile from cvs sources
> java_gds.dll (aka jaybird*) for win32 platform, as a starting
> point to the next step, I mean to compile those sources with
> an "embedded c++ compiler", targeting ARM platform.

What do you plan to do with ARM-based jaybird*.dll? WinCE is not (yet?)
supported by FB, so you should not be able to compile fbclient.dll or
fbembed.dll for it (I assume that in your case VS 2005 + ARM = WinCE).
Without fbclient.dll or fbembed.dll you won't need jaybird*.dll too - it is
just a wrapper translating Java calls to FB API calls and vice versa.

> My experiments fails at first step!
> With VS 2005 compiler I have 4 errors:

Now that is not ok. I will check the clean checkout from the CVS soon, but
you have to check whether you have interface_manager.cpp in list of the
files you compile.