Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Jaybird, Firebird versions
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> My experience (on Windows XP) is that Jaybird 2.0.1 does not work with
> Firebird 2.0.1. Can someone else confirm this?

Jaybird 2.0.1 worked fine with FB 2.0 snapshots at the time of the release.
There have been many changes since then. I can confirm that we have
currently big problems with Services API in type 4 driver, few issues in
type 2 code. If you have other reports, please post them here - you will
help both Jaybird and Firebird teams.

> Which releases of Jaybird will support Firebird 2.0.X?

Full support can be guaranteed only for the one that will be released
_after_ FB 2.0 - our two "products" are not bound by the same release

> Are their target dates for beta and release of Firebird 2.1? I am
> particularly interested in the new event features.

There are 5 open bugs/features - after that we will release beta (I hope
that will happen this month). After that, assuming we have no bugs at all,
at least 1 month delay to provide enough testing. So, I'd say June is more
or less good estimate for final release.