Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Yet about code that works in 1.5.5 and doesn't in 2.0.1 (getResultSet)
Author Edilmar
Roman Rokytskyy escreveu:
> > Then, if I don't get the ResultSet like this "rs =
> > stmt.executeQuery(...);", and try to call "getResultSet();" after in the
> > code, the lines 537-539 arises an exception:
> > if (currentRs != null) {
> > throw new FBSQLException("Only one resultset at a time/statement.");
> > }
> >
> > Then, I think this is a bug in Jaybird driver, that don't allow
> > separated calls to "getResultSet();".
> It is not a bug, but JDBC specification that requires us to do so (see
> Javadoc for getResultSet() method). If you check it deeper, you will see
> other weird code that is there only to support such odd things.
> Roman

To better understand your comment: you said that "JDBC specification"
requires that "getResultSet();" doesn't work like before?

If yes, may I suppose "getResultSet();" is a deprecated method? Because
looking in you code for AbstractStatement, if I call "executeQuery" I
have make something like this: "rs = stmt.executeQuery();". I understood
that I don't have a way to call "getResultSet();" after this.

Then, do I really need to change all my codes that uses "getResultSet()"
to don't do this anymore?