Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Isn't possible to create many triggers/procedures by a executeBatch?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I made a gerenal code to run scripts, I think it is more complete than
> code in this Jaybird page
> <\
> rt&s=set+term> because it accepts comments (/* ... */), changing
> terminator character from default ";", checks size of buffer read when
> comparing if the string starts with "SET TERM" and other things I didn't
> find in the original link.
> After solve my problem, I'd like to send my code to contrib with Jaybird
> "Tips and Tricks".

That will be great!

> ...
> The code commented for "foreign key" I think it doesn't have solution in
> my case, because I don't know how to disconnected all other users of the
> database to run it.

First, you can always use FBMaintenanceManager to shutdown the database.
There are few modes for it: deny new transactions, deny new connections,
force shutdown after some timeout and shutdown immediate. When database is
in shutdown mode, only SYSDBA can connect to it. This is exactly what you

And starting from Firebird 2.0 (RC1 comming soon) you will no longer need to
have exclusive mode to add foreign keys, so that won't be a problem soon.

> The main problem occurs with "SET TERM" command.
> I need it to allow creation of triggers/procedures/etc.
> But, when I uncomment the code between the two SET TERM's Jaybird
> 2.0.1/Firebird 1.5 arises this exception:
> <pre>
> java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Dynamic SQL Error
> SQL error code = -104
> Token unknown - line 1, char 5
> at
> org.firebirdsql.jdbc.AbstractStatement.executeBatch(AbstractStatement.ja\
> va:982)
> at SubMacroUtils.Versao.executarSQL(
> at SubMacroUtils.Versao.atualizar(
> </pre>
> I think Jaybird doesn't understand "SET TERM" like a normal SQL command
> to run into database.

I do not know your Java code, but the "SET TERM" as well as "SET NAMES" and
few others are only available in isql. Jaybird does not handle isql
commands, it is not its job to do this, it only sends what client asks to
server and returns data/errors back.

To fix this problem, you have to filter the "SET TERM" commands and do not
pass them to the server. As you can see from that example on our Wiki, the
processCommand method checks whether it is "SET TERM" command and does not
execute it, only changes the terminator string.

> Isn't possible to create a script like this to run by Jaybird?

Sure. Only ensure that you correctly handle the isql commands. Jaybird is
capable to execute only DSQL statements. The rest must be interpreted by the
application, not executed via Jaybird.