Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Two XA bugs
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi Ludovic,

> Setting pooling to true fixes this issue. It looks like the problem
> comes from the fact that calling connection.close() closes the
> physical database connection which is incorrect. Only the call to
> xaConnection.close() should do that which is what is done even when
> pooling is set to true. That makes me wonder what that pooling
> parameter is about.

It is exactly about this - to enable connection pooling and it is set to
true by default. Switching it off is optional and has exactly the effect you
describe. The only bug I see is that we have NullPointerException, but
should be some SQLException.

> Another quick & easy one:
> ...
> In this case, the driver misses a null check that should throw
>XAException with XAER_RMFAIL.


I will fix both issues before 2.1 release.