Subject THANKS!! Re: Create Procedure always fails! FB 1.5 JB 1.5.6
Author Arachnid_Dude
Thank you very much for the info. You've cleared some things up for
me, and made me realize that I need to study more about SQL semantics.
For my task at hand, I really don't need to know that much SQL per
se, but I guess I took it for granted that Stored proc.. etc. Were
just a matter of taking any old SQL query and, well, storing it.. I
just wish the error messages produced were a bit more informative.

Anyway, it worked with ISQL.

For Squirrel, I had to use a popup plugin command (ctrl + t) for
submission (see help on sql2ins), to get it to work.

MyEclipse apparently does not have support for this, except with their
advanced Oracle support. Still produces same errors.

THANKS a MILLION.. You guys, and gals, are great!!