Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Error on deploying the jaybird JCA-JDBC driver as Resource Adapter
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> classes [ org.apache.log4j.Category org.apache.log4j.Priority ]
> referenced by [
> org.firebirdsql.encodings.CharacterTranslator\org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FB
> SQLException\org.firebirdsql.gds.GDSException\org.firebirdsql.gds.GDS
> ExceptionHelper\org.firebirdsql.logging.LoggerFactory\org.firebirdsql
> .logging.Log4jLogger] are not found
> Please either bundle the above mentioned classes in the application
> or use optional packaging support for them.

You have to bundle log4j with your application or somehow (I have no idea
how to do this in Sun App Server) specify "optional packaging support".

> Test Name :
> tests.connector.managed.ManagedConnectionFactoryProperties
> Test Assertion : JavaBeans compliant accessor methods
> should be implemented for each property defined in deployment
> descriptor config-property.
> Test Description : For [ jaybird-2_0_1#jaybird-
> 2_0_1#jaybird-2_0_1 ]
> Error: [ public void setBlobBufferLength(java.lang.Integer) ]
> implemented in [ org.firebirdsql.jca.FBManagedConnectionFactory ]
> for the config-property [ BlobBufferLength ].

Strange... the method is declared as setBlobBufferLength(int), but
deployment descriptor contains setBlobBufferLength(java.lang.Integer), I
though it can handle such conversions. Try changing the ra.xml, or simply
comment it out if you don't need this. We have to check this issue, so
please fill bug report.

> Test Name : tests.connector.CredentialInterface
> Test Assertion : Credential interface for the
> authentication mechanism should be one of the allowed interfaces.
> Please refer to J2EE Connector Architecture Specification Section
> #9.2.1, #17.6 for further information.
> Test Description : For [ jaybird-2_0_1#jaybird-
> 2_0_1#jaybird-2_0_1 ]
> Authentication mechanism credential interface [
> ] defined in the
> credential-interface tag is not allowed.

Yup, David Jencks already has filled bug report - ra.xml should contain

Please fix it in your case, next release will fix this issue.