Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] returning false
Author Catalin Florean

With only one record after you reached the end of table.
What does rs.getstring(column_number) return?

This is a working example of a select statement on a single row table:

stmt = conn.prepareStatement("select cast(current_timestamp as
date), cnt_acte, "+
"gen_id(seq_query_log, 0),
gen_id(seq_doc_log, 0) "+
"from cnt_contor");
rs = stmt.executeQuery();
try {
if ( {
currentDate = rs.getString(1);
cntActe = rs.getString(2);
cntQuery = rs.getString(3);
cntOpendoc = rs.getString(4);
finally {
rs = null;
stmt = null;

Hope this helps,

Catalin Florean.

On 12/13/06, aravind_r1 <aravind_r1@...> wrote:
> I am new to firebird
> now i do have a table which has an user admin
> when i try to query the table for details of the user admin
> String query="select * from USER_DETAILS where USR_NAME='"+usrName+"';";
> java.sql.ResultSet rs=stmt.executeQuery(query);
> System.out.println("the result set is:";
> eventhough i has a record (when i give that query to isql i had
> obtaince the result)
> the is returning false
> so how can i get the results

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