Subject Re: interleaved transactions and deadlocks
Author Ludovic Orban

--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
> I have forwarded your email to engine developers, my ideas are below.


> In general FB throws two different types of exceptions - one for
> and one for lock timeout. And in different places of the engine
> types of locks are requested. I have a list with places of what lock
type is
> requested where (and corresponding error codes), but I have to
confirm that
> from _my_ POV these are not consistent.
> I guess that we have to create different test cases and then start the
> discussion in the FB-Architect list. On the other hand, I really-really
> doubt that things will be changed, since there's so many
applications that
> might (and do) rely on this feature, that changing it would break them.
> But anyway, the test cases (or just an explanation) would be useful, at
> least for documentation purposes.

I don't want to change anything, I would just like to understand.

> PS. BTW, do you know that starting FB 2.0 the lock timeout can be
> via TPB. That means that in XA-mode we can reduce the differences to
> case - "immediate" deadlock notification.

Sorry, I don't understand that. If you could be a little more
descriptive I'd be glad.