Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Foreign-key integrety violation on delete
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I have a hierarchical structure of 11 tables. Because our product
> must run against multiple vendor's rdbms, I hard coded some of the
> deletes. I start deleting my tree from the bottom up. However,
> when I try to delete the topmost object, I get an error stating an
> integrety constraint on a foreign key is violated. (don't have the
> error code of the violation).

Can you post a code that performs those deletes?

> I am sure everything has been deleted under the top level object.
> There are only 10 possible tables in which sub-tending data can
> reside, and I can see that all 10 deletes have been executed.

What about the transactions? In what transactions are the deletes executed?
Do you have a single connection object, or you obtain it from JNDI each time
before the delete?

> And the data is gone.

When do you commit?