Subject Re: setAutoCommit() throws Exception in JBIRD2.0
Author nagypapi
My eyes must have been on some nice girl's trousers, because I didn't
notice the new snapshot, which fixes the error, thanks for being so quick!

On the otherhand I'm experimenting with FBBackupManager, and I have
problems and questions:

-I am accessing a database from java via the embedded server. I want
to backup the database while the connection is still open. Should
FBBackupManager be able to do that? (backupDatabase() seems to need
it's own connection).
Is there any other way to backup an embedded database while it is in
use (other than me writing my own function)?

Thank you!

--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > The error happens If I prepare my preparedStatments without setting
> > any autoCommit mode (so it's on default value:true), after which I set
> > the autoCommit mode to false.
> >
> > If I first set the autoCommit to false, then prepare my
> > preparedStatments, the error doesn't occur, even if I set autocommit
> > to true right after preparing my statements.
> Yes. Did you check the snapshot version? It should have the fix for
> case.
> Roman