Subject NoClassDefFoundError
Author digitry
I feel kind of silly having to ask this question.

My program runs just fine inside Eclipse 3.1, but when I try to run it
from a command prompt, it fails very near the beginning with
NoClassDefFoundError: org/firebirdsql/jdbc/FBDriver. The relevant line
of code is
DriverManager.registerDriver(new org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver ());
I get similar results with

I'm guessing that the problem has to be the CLASSPATH. JayBird --
including its jars, especially firebirdsql-full.jar -- is in the
directory C:\Program Files\FireBird\JayBird155. I've tried both that
and C:\PROGRA~1\FireBird\JayBird155 in the CLASSPATH (one after the
other, not both at once). For example, my current CLASSPATH is

Programs that do not access a database work just fine from the command
line with this CLASSPATH. And those that do access a database work
just fine inside Eclipse.

I've tried google to see if there is something obvious that can help
me, but I haven't found anything.

I'm using Java J2SE 5.0, JayBird 1.55, InterBase 6.0.1, Windows 2000
Pro. And I'm stymied.

Thanks for any help.
- Richard