Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: read only deadlocks
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> We think we have managed to get a snapshot view in the auditing
> program by using a custom Serializable isolation level of
> FirebirdConnection.TPB_CONCURRENCY, FirebirdConnection.TPB_WAIT,
> FirebirdConnection.TPB_READ
> ie Concurrency instead of consistency.

There was a long discussion between the mapping of the Firebird isolation
modes into JDBC ones. There were no agreement, but concurrency is enough for
serializable execution defined in the JDBC specification.

> This now seems to temporarily crash the database and cause a "Resource
> Exception. Unable to complete network request" on the auditing and the
> transaction program.
> Does anyone know of any reason why this should crash the database?

If you have reproducable test case, please share it with us.

> Also, we are finding unusual behaviour in our transactions. We have a
> transaction in the transaction program thusly:
> Set autoCommit false;
> UPDATE member SET balance=balance-purchaseValue;
> INSERT INTO purchases (id, username, pruchaseValue);
> commit;
> But our snapshot in the auditing program shows the old balance but
> with the new purchase. We thought surely this should be an all or
> nothing transaction. Any ideas?

Should not be this way, please create a test case to reproduce the issue.