Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] prepared statement
Author Chiovari Cristian Sergiu

The main reason for my request is not for debuging

I want the sql from perp statement because i want to
do a kind of custom replication.

I have an application that is used in many location.

There is a central location which has all the data
from all child locations.
The child location have only their own data and the
data from the
central location.

Because beetwen these locations there is no internet
only poor dial up connections and because i want to be
on the replications system made by different databases
I implemented
a kind of replication system based on every
insert update and deletemade in the application

These sql i have stored in a table called EXPORT which
contain the following

id_export id_object(the id of the inserted upd.
del.object) sql timestamp etc...

I have also an IMPORT table which has only one colum
called id_import.

for example on CENTRAL location is inserted a
in export table will be the sql for this action.

when i made an export to child locations this sql will
be executed an the customer
will be in child location too
In import table will be inserted the export_id from
in order to not execute in the future the same export.

Any sugestions ???

Kind regards Cristian.

--- Jim Starkey <jas@...> wrote:

> csergiu77 wrote:
> > Hi
> > My name is Cristian Chiovari
> > I am a software developer from Romania.
> > I would like to ask you if the java driver jaybird
> driver
> > has a toString method on prepared statement which
> will give as
> > result the sql
> >
> It is always a mistake to build an application
> around a non-specified
> behavior of an otherwise standard interface. If,
> down the road, the
> standard is extended to define that behavior, your
> program will break
> without notice. Depending on what should be
> considered an
> implimentation artifact is not a good practice.

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