Subject Re: Pool Exhausted
Author famia2003
--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > I'm new to using databse thru Java and I don't have learned knowledge
> > in this(my co-worker just gave me a few layout his boss made and told
> > me to follow it), so I don't know much about these erros (and my
> > co-worker says he doesn't know too).
> It seems that you do not return your connection back to the pool. In
> normally this happens by simply closing the connection. This works,
> you work not with a real connection, but with a proxy and
> method just marks the underlying physical connection as free.
> It is hard to give you any concrete advice, since there are many
> ways how connection/statements are used. The only generic rule is -
> connection back to the pool as soon as you finished working with it
in the
> particular case. Cost of obtaining connection from the pool is very
> (and even cost of opening new connection to Firebird is not high).
> Roman

Thanks, looks like I didn't close the conenctions to some of the
files, which coincidentally are the files most often accessed. I
didn't initially thought not closing the connection is the cause since
I usually leave most fstreams open when programming softwares and the
most they did was make a bitmap file unreadable when my application is
opened. And this is my first take on jsp seems like they behave
differently in jsp or in databases.