Subject Re: FBUserManager
Author mirom_2005
I'm writing a database tool with dynamically loading of different jdbc
drivers (like hsqldb, mysql and for my favorite database firebird).
For firebird I will implement some special features. You remember my
question to the procedure source.
This tool can connect to many databases at the same time and so I
thought, that I can use the connection values for each connection to
use it at any other modules with server authentification (like grant
manager, backup and restore manager and so on).
Okay, I see that the solution is to save the connection values from
each database connection and read it if I need.

I think, that I will test any other features from the new release in
the future and hope, that my questions are not to peeving ;-)

Thank you all very much for your help

> You will get the host and port values, user name you can get via
> DatabaseMetaData.getUserName(), but password is not available to you.
> Why do you need this information from the Connection object? Why is
it not
> possible to save before connecting assuming that you use either
> javax.sql.DataSource interface or new
> FirebirdDriver.getConnection(FirebirdConnectionProperties) call?
> I just try to understand, whether to add a call for this to
connection or
> not.
> Roman