Subject Re: FBUserManager
Author mirom_2005
Yes, that's what I meant.

> isc_dpb_user_name parameter). The GDS.iscDatabaseInfo() call can
provide a
> list of _all_ users that are connected to the current database.
Please see
> the ISCConstants.isc_info_user_names constant.
> This call requires extension of the FirebirdDatabaseMetaData interface,
> something like "Collection getConnectedUsers() throws SQLException".
> Alternatively, in order to remain consistent with the DatabaseMetaData
> interface, we may return ResultSet with single column USER.

thanks for the example :-)

I've tested it yesterday evening and I have a little question yet to
the example. Is there any way to get host, port, user and password
from the active java.sql.Connection?
Or is the only way to parse the con.getMetadData().getURL() string or
save the connection parameter separate and use it later?