Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Responding to Firebird events
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> - I would like to respond on Firebird POST_EVENT (signaled from trigger
> or stored proc).
> For example, in my Java (web) application, I want to be notified when
> content of db table changes (in order to perform some action - let say
> ,reload db data)
> - Can someone tell me if this possible, and how ?

There is no direct support for events in Java. There were attepts to do this
via JNI, but no code was contributed to the project back and I do not
remember whether the attempts were successfull.

We do not plan to support this feature in JayBird in the nearest future (in
other words in JayBird 2.0), but there is some support for the feature in
.Net provider. You may try to port the solution to Java. Also we would be
very grateful if you contribute the event support to JayBird (either .Net
port, or JNI solution, or both).