Subject Re: JBoss 4.0.1sp1 EJB3 application deployment problem
Author george_yaneff
--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > If you are interested I can send you the jar file of the ejb
> > application, or you can take it from the jboss tutorial. You have to
> > tune file for use the Firebird connection.
> Sorry, I do not have time to check this, but it would be great if
you could
> discover why JBoss/Hibernate accesses that table from multiple
> when changing metadata.
> This error message means that one connection tries to change the
> for the table while another connection has an open statement
> that table. Usually metadata changes require exclusive database access.
> Roman

It seems the problem is not in JBoss or JayBird.
When I connect to firebird from two instances of IBExpert, thus making
two connections, the same problem arises when I execute the ddl from
one of the instances. The other connection is passive (does not
execute any transactions).
Again there is no problem when the connection is only one. The DDL
executes successfuly.