Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: JayBird 2.0 and JBoss integration
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I didn't see any jboss specific attributes in the release notes file.

There is and will be no JBoss-specific attributes, only Firebird-specific.
Those are documented for ConnectionPoolDataSource and DataSource

> Will it be possible to specify transaction parameters for every
> transaction and not for all the transactions in a given connection?

Can you elaborate? How do you want them to be specified?

It is possible to specify default transaction parameters for isolation
level. This applies to all connections, not only to transactions.

It is also possible to specify transaction parameters for single connection
via Firebird interface, but that is not going to work in managed environment
when Firebird connection is already enlisted in the transaction. It will
throw an exception in this case. Unfortunatelly this is always a case for a
managed connection - it is first enlisted in the transaction (and
transaction params are read from the mapper) and only then it is returned to
the client.

For unmanaged scenario (local transactions, no JTA) it is still possible
unless JBoss executes some statement using that connection. But then your
connection is no longer part of the global transaction.

> Will it be possible to use jaybird type2 within JBoss?

It is already possible to use type 2 JayBird when you use either
ConnectionPoolDataSource or XADataSource. And all those parameters described
in release notes are supported.

The only thing that is missing now is support for those parameters in
ManagedConnectionFactory implementation.