Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: How can a get the complete ddl from a stored procedure?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> The DatabaseMetadata interface have no method for receiving the
> procedure body. The ResultSet columns 4 - 6 are reserved for the
> future. Do you mean to contact SUN for using one of these columns to
> receive the body?

No, I mean to create a FirebirdDatabaseMetaData interface that extends the
DatabaseMetaData interface and add explicit methods like
getProcedureSourceCode(String), etc. to it. We have already JDBC extensions
in place and more will come with JayBird 2.0 release. Applications that want
to use Firebird-specific code have to use something like this:

FirebirdDatabaseMetaData metaData =

String procCode = metaData.getProcedureSourceCode(myProcName);

> Where can I help with contribute code?

- get the latest version of JayBird from HEAD;

- create that interface with methods that retrieve source code for
procedures, views and triggers; license for the interface code should be
modified BSD license (you can copy it from the
class), otherwise it will not be accepted to the CVS. Modified BSD license
is chosen in order to avoid any legal issues when commercial entities decide
to link to that code.

- change the FBDatabaseMetaData class to implement newly created interface
and provide appropriate implementation for those methods; this code is
licensed under LGPL (license for JayBird implementation);

- create a patch against the CVS HEAD and send it either here or me

That's it :)