Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Java support in Firebird
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> it atrracted attention , on .net list they have already asked if writing
> .net procedures !
> is possible and when.

Carlos already asked me about this. No, currently it is not possible - we do
not have stable API for external procedures. So this version should be
treated as prototype only - many things will change in the final

> I think is very good idea to keep up with oracle and ms sql or postgres
> Now if people ask about it we have the answer "Roman did it in writing
> java procedures/udfs"

Not Roman, but Eugeney Putilin. He implemented everything, I just helped him
to get final package prepared.

> It would be nice if someone could write an article (better PR package)
> about it and send it to one of java/sql magazines.
> What i want to say is good to have better documentation to it (will be
> added in time - i know :)) and more screenshots, diagrams ; brushed up
> of rough edges.

Too early. Hopefully we will have version for a Firebird Conference. PR is a
good thing, but only for the finished things.