Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Invalid Blob ID when inserting blob?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Hi, I have a problem trying to insert an object into our database.
> I have a blob field into which I can insert/retrieve .jpgs, .pngs,
> etc, and this works fine. I have another field into which I insert a
> java Properties object (containing String/Value pairs), this works ok
> also.
> However I've got another field into which I try and insert a Vector.
> The items in the Vector are serializable... but when I try to insert a
> record with this blob, I get the following error:
> org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBSQLException: GDS Exception. 335544329. invalid
> at
> ernalExecute(
> at
> org.firebirdsql.jdbc.AbstractPreparedStatement.exe
> cute(
> (... etc ...)

Please post the code that you use to insert values.

> I'm trying to figure out just why it's telling me 'Invalid Blob ID'
> (and just what that means).

The record in Firebird contains only a BLOB ID, a reference to the actual
BLOB. When one tries to insert a record with non-existing ID, it will fail.
However without code I cannot even guess why the server is denying your