Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Prepared Statement Caching
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> details the following:
> "PreparedStatement caching is impossible! Firebird InterClient 2.01 is
> strongly recommended in preference to other versions of Interbase
> Interclient. Its also worth trying the latest pure Java "JayBird" driver
> ("
> Can anyone tell me whether this is correct? Can PreparedStatement
> caching not be achieved using Jaybird and Firebird. If this is the case
> is this due to the JDBC driver or Firebird?

PreparedStatement caching is supported when connection is obtained via
FBWrappingDataSource or FBConnectionDataSource, but it is not available when
connection is obtained via DriverManager. There are no plans to add this
feature to DriverManager interface, but there are plans to add statement
caching to the Firebird server instead (though not earlier v. 3.0).

Use of InterClient 2.01 is strongly discouraged as it is not developed and
is not supported for more than 2 or 3 years.