Subject Re: JayBird and Sun Java Studio Creator - Need help
Author rfincher2000

The user doesn't really have a choice with Creator. Sun wrote the
tool using RowSets for some reason, almost guaranteeing
incompatibility with most jdbc drivers in existence.

Creator is supposed to be "Visual Basic for JSP web apps", i.e. very
easy to use for first level programmers, but a little restrictive.

The idea being to convert existing Visual Basic folks to Java and
letting higher skill level Java programmers handle the J2EE heavy lifting.

Creator is essentially NetBeans with a JSF form designer built in. It
generate MVC web apps with database access, with very little coding.

It takes care of the M and V, and lets the user flesh out the C.

I don't know how much market share the product has, but Sun thinks
RowSets are pretty important.

Anybody else have a feel for how important RowSets are?



--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > So, seems to be hard for the moment... Maybe gona to give up JSC and
> > work with php....
> Why do you need RowSets? What prevents you from using just normal
JDBC with
> Statements, PreparedStatements, etc.? RowSet is relatively new
> and is not so wide used...
> > Do you know if the future version of JayBird will fill this gap? and
> > when ?
> Maybe... I am not yet sure how to implement this part. So no direct
> Roman