Subject Re: [Firebird-Java]
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> There has been recent discussion on the Architect list about batching
> commands sent to the server.
> If this ever happens, then getBlob() could also include a query for the
> length of the blob as part of its series of commands.

I have been thinking about the possible implementations, but there is quite
limited number of cases where it is easily possible. An example, that would
require additional logic is

isc_dsql_alloc_stmt -> provide stmt_handle
isc_dsql_prepare -> take stmt_handle and provide xsqlda structure
isc_dsql_exec2 -> take xsqlda structure
isc_dsql_fetch -> take stmt_handle and return results

The batching mechanism should somehow understand the meaning of in and out
params in the api and do the right guesses. Personally I do not like
applications with too much intelligence - it might produce results that do
not fit my logic.

So it seems that producing new API calls is the only way to go.