Subject Re: Another backup error
Author nagypapi
> But I understood that you had at least two different instances of
> FBBackupManager running, right?

Yes, both of my programs have created an instance of FBBackupManager.
I would be happy to create an instance only when I'm doing a backup,
but found no explicit way to close the FBBackupManager.
When does FBBackupManager connect to the db?
I'd guess during FBBackupManager.backup(), because the username,
database and passwords get set separatly. Does the backupmanager close
the connection, when it finishes backing up?
Then the other backupmanager shouldn't bother it, or maybe running in
the same jvm causes the problem? (both are run from netbeans).

I'll do some tests maybe tomorrow, but in the long run I want to do
backups with multiple clients (from different computers) connected to
the same database.