Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Building the on Linux
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> In the ebuild I am copying and passing the cpptasks.jar as a lib to the
> native ant.

Well, something goes wrong here. The build_native.xml contains definition of
custom tasks for C++ builds and the error messages show that ant failed to
find them.

> The Gentoo way is to not used packaged jars like ant, and xalan, etc. They
> should be available locally or natively on the system and hopefully more
> up to date than packaged ones.

The sources of cpptasks.jar can be found on, I think project
is called "ant-contrib".

Frankly I'm surprised to see Jaybird build in Gentoo, though I agree that it
makes sense to build there from scratch. On the other hand for
me this seems not that easy, since you have to add dependency on Firebird
(easy) and on JDK. Considering that Sun or IBM JDKs cannot be part of Gentoo
distro, you have to depend on some GPLed JDK .... Or do I miss something and
this will work?

> Now aside from the native stuff, is there anything else special I need
> to do to compile a JDBC 2 driver instead of JDBC 3?

No. Our ant files detect the Java version and include corresponding sources
in the build. Also, now there should be no difference between drivers, since
I have defined all JDBC 3.0 methods in our FirebirdXXX interfaces to make
them available also for JDBC 2.0 users. So there should be no difference
here at all except the byte code version (48.0 for JDK 1.4.x and 49.0 for
JDK 5.0, no idea about JDK 1.3.x)

> ATM I am only passing jars to ant, javadocs, and etc are invoked via use
> flags.

Should be enough.