Subject Re: Events API implementation
Author nagypapi
I would love to test it, but haven't found an easy way to tap into the
cvs (have no experience, found no fast-docs, have millions of other
things to do), so if anybody has a java1.5 build for windows, send it
to me please

--- In, Gabriel Reid <gabriel.reid@g...>
> Hi,
> I've just committed the initial implementation of the Events API into
> CVS. Up until now it's only been tested on my system (Linux), so I'd be
> particularly interested in hearing from anyone who can test it on
> Windows and other systems.
> For anyone who's interested in trying it out, I would suggest looking in
> the javadoc for org.firebirdsql.event.FBEventManager. It should
> (hopefully) be quite self-explanatory. If there are any suggestions,
> problems, questions, etc. please don't hesitate to post them.
> Regards,
> Gabriel