Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] FBDriver.FIREBIRD_PROTOCOL
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi Robert,

> Is 2.0 not supposed to be a drop-in replacement for the exiting
> drivers, I notice some public constants are no longer available and so
> I need to make some code-changes and recompile. Just wasn't sure if
> this is expected or not.

The constant was dropped before betas were even released. The reason was the
refactoring of the driver and new pluggable architecture.

In general, we maintain backward compatibility for FirebirdXXX interfaces
only (though there was one change in FirebirdConnection because of JDBC 4.0
interface, see release notes), linking to any of JayBird classes (incl.
public ones) is at your own risk. Sorry, if that was not clear from the
beginning, I will put separate page on our wiki and change the release