Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] wml/wap site How to i start to build a wap site access a Firebird server.
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> can anyone show me a start point to make a wap site uses FiREBiRD
> database
> what tools i can use
> how to connect from mobile phone to FiREBiRD/ ***********most important
> for me ***********//
> i didn't find any document related to wap/firebird please help.

I would say that you have missed something.

WAP is a protocol, say similar to HTTP for mobile devices. When you connect
to some server over WAP, server sends you "web"-pages, usually created with

So far, so good. Now, how do you produce WML pages in Java? You can use JSP
for example and use WML as markup, you can look for WML-specific tools. That
said, there is nothing specific with Firebird and WAP that would require a
separate documentation. If you need data from the Firebird database on your
WML page, you do same things as if that were just simple HTML page - you can
find a plenty of resources how to access database from Java web application,
including JSPs. For example, you can check Struts tutorials about displaying
database content in JSP pages and use JSP tag libraries for WML markup.

If, however, you want to connect the Firebird server directly from the
phone, I suspect that you will be disappointed:

- JDBC driver for firebird does not run on J2ME platform (including MIDP
profile, but also CDLC profile), minimum requirement is J2SE 1.3.x;

- C/C++ client library for Firebird was not ported onto any of mobile phones
and/or WindowsCE/PalmOS;

- even if they would be ported, you would need to connect to Firebird using
direct TCP connection via GPRS, not via WAP, but that would be simply wrong
architecturaly - your mobile device should connect to some server
(web-server, for example), which in turn can decide what to do, where to
connect, etc.