Subject Re: JayBird 1.5.5 released
Author sbnspindler

i would urgently need the for solaris 64-Bit.
When do you think, it will be available for download ?


--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> Hi,
> JayBird 1.5.5 is released. This release contains following fixes:
> 2004-12-04 fixed NPE when error happens during
> reconnecting
> 2004-12-04 allowed calling commit/rollback in Oracle mode
> 2004-11-24 added setBlob() method for BLOB SUB_TYPE 1
> fields
> 2004-11-24 fixed the issue with calendar in
> PreparedStatement.setTime(Time, Calendar)
> method
> 2004-11-21 added fix for "trying to reopen an open cursor" in
> type 2 driver
> 2004-11-20 improved memory usage within transaction
> 2004-10-25 fixed a bug in write(byte[], int, int) method in
> when passed array was bigger than
> blob buffer size
> 2004-10-24 added keepStatements parameter
> 2004-10-24 fixed a bug in AbstractCallableStatement where
> not all params were marked as set
> Steven Jardine has adapted the build system for JDK 5.0, but I have
> committed his changes only to HEAD. Therefore there is no release
of JayBird
> 1.5.5 for JDK 5.0. If there is reasonable public interest, I will
> changes to Branch_1_5 and release a version for JDK 5.0.
> Bill Oliver has sent me a compiled binary of for 64-
> Solaris. This file is relatively big (1.6 MB), therefore I didn't
include it
> into the release package. I will make it available for download on
> soon. Unfortunately, our build_native.xml does not
work for
> Solaris, and Bill sent me his own build script.
> Also, if no critical bug is discovered, that is the last point
release of
> JayBird 1.5.x. Next version is 1.6 and will contain support of
Services API
> (backup/restore, user management, statistics, etc).
> Roman