Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] OT: classpath and tomcat
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I have class that is using other class User in the same directory
> WEB-INF/classes$ javac -verbose
> ./ package User does not exist
> import User.*;
> ^
> And is included "." in $CLASSPATH

If your is defined as

package User;

public class TestSql {

then even you compile your class with javac, you have to place it into
WEB-INF/classes/User directory (note, it is case sensitive; also in Java
packages usually are lowercase). However if there is no "package" directive
on the beginning of the class declaration, it is placed in the "default"
package and putting the .class file in WEB-INF/classes is correct.

If the does not have package declaration, it must be placed in the
same directory, but in this case your import is not correct. "import
User.*;" means "import all classes in the User/ directory".