Subject Re: problem: PreparedStatement with "? IS NULL"
Author ben_ata
--- In, "bullitenergy" <s.hahn@o...>
> However i thought that using "quoted"
> identifiers was in the SQL standard and [bracketed] identifiers are
> the MS-SQL and Access extension.

AFAIK quoted identifiers should be used to indicate case-sensitive
usage of column identifiers (e.g. "MyTable" is a different table the
"MYTABLE" or event then MYTABLE) or if the table name contains
characters that aren't allowed in table names, or if the table name is
a reserved word (e.g. in Oracle you cannot create a table USER but you
can create a table "USER").
From my limited knowledge of the ANSI standard, I think this is how
the usage of quotes is specified there.