Subject Re: problem: PreparedStatement with "? IS NULL"
Author bullitenergy
Hello Antonio!

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> First of all, remove those horrible quotes around table and column
> it is not an SQL standard. If MS SQL let you do this way, MS SQL
should be
> dropped outside the window :-P

Ah, i already noticed that not all Firebird administration tools are
working with quoted identifiers. However i thought that using "quoted"
identifiers was in the SQL standard and [bracketed] identifiers are
the MS-SQL and Access extension.

> The rest of the code is strange, it's meaningless to me. Why do you have
> to put "Types.INTEGER" as a parameter? And what do you want at the third
> parameter, a column?

The code is generated upon the structure of a table record in the
database. Instead of deleting upon a primary or unique key, i want to
be able to update/delete a record upon every column value. Many
columns are NOT NULL however some columns allow NULL values.

I don't know if i should use setNull(<nbr>, Types.INTEGER) or
setNull(<nbr>, Types.NULL).

Thank you for your reply!
Best Regards,
Bullit Energy