Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Local Transaction Active
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Also unfortunatly, i ran into this problem very often in the last 3
> days. But i can't give you a reproducible test case.

That I understand. The question is whether you can get the error more or
less reliably (for example, if you take old JayBird and run your
application, it works, when you take new JayBird and run application in some
known mode, it fails). Then I will be able to send you new JayBird jars with
different fixes and hopefully we fix this issue at the end. But if you
cannot recreate the conditions (any type of) where it happens, then it would
be senseless to try.

> All i can say is, my app is a servlet running on tomcat, and there are
> running several threads sharing fb-connections from a self developed
> connection pool. The pool is functioning over month now unchanged,
> so i don't think that there is the problem.

If you pool implements standard interfaces, can you replace it with the one
comming with Firebird? If it works with it, I would like to get your
application (if needed I can sign an NDA), so I can play with it on my
computer and not send you each time new JayBird.