Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] What means this exception ?
Author S. Radojcin
David Jencks wrote:

>> >If you are using jms
>> >
>> - yes, exactly. My situation is simple:
>> 1. one MessageDrivenBean (with 'class level' @...
>> type="Required" tag) simply creates one entity EJB, then does
>> transition by sending some XML message to the javax.jms.Queue
>> At this moment, everything is ok (I hope, but to tell you truth, I
>> nohave idea what happens at this moment with transaction, one
>> explanation will be helpful)
>Limbo transaction later appears to mean that this transaction prepared
>but did not commit. There ought to be something in the logs indicating
>what happened. I'd expect this problem only if jboss crashed during
>Hmm. Another possiblity might be that the jms message delivery is not
>transacted? If the xml message the first mdb sends is sent outside the
>mdb's transaction, it could be received before the first transaction
>finishes committing. How exactly is the first mdb getting the jms
>connection factory? Are you sure this connection factory is transacted?

- yes, I'm sure, here is statement:

< ...ic.lookup() etc...>
qConnect = qFactory.createQueueConnection();
session = qConnect.createQueueSession(true, 0); // NOTE
'true' here....
- but, strange thing happens. First mdb is configured for Container
Managed Transaction, and sends message by just calling

qSender.send(xmlMsg); // <==> QueueSender.send()

- and nothing after that. In this case, everything is ok, no limbo tx,
EXCEPT fact, that message simply does not arrive to the second mdb.
Nothing, just silence. It seems like session fails to join to the CMT
transaction; container simply does not commit them.

- Because of that fact, after qSender.send() call , I decided to commit
session manualy, by calling


-With this, xml message arrives to the second mdb, but this mdb cannot
find ejb, because of limbo transaction
It seems like container tries to commit session, but can't do this,
because of my own .commit() call...and voila,
here is Firebird limbo...

Very strange, I'm totaly confused... is this possible that JBoss does
not start transaction before onMessage() method ?

>> 2. on the other side, second MDB (from the same .jar) which listens on
>> the Queue, tries to find local interface of that entity EJB.
>> And FinderExcpetion because of limbo transaction happens.