Subject Re: Totally lost - Squirrel SQL
Author Carlos H. Cantu

I could get it running just copying the firebirdsql-full.jar to the
lib dir of SQuirreL ;)


--- In, "Ken Richard" <kenr@a...> wrote:
> I use squirrel with jaybird on windows. They have a plug-ion that
you have
> to download and decompress to the squirrel plug in directory.
> When you start the app you see a list of drivers. Each driver has a
red X
> icon. Double-click on the name of the driver. Click on the "Extra
> Path" tab and specify the class paths to firebirdsql-full.jar,
> mini-concurrent.jar and mini-j2ee.jar.
> Then you can create a new alias by entering a url. They even give
you the
> format for the url.
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> Subject: [Firebird-Java] Totally lost
> Hi!
> First of all, I must say that I never worked with Java and have medium
> knowledge of Linux.
> I'm running Mandrake 10, FB 1.5 and SQuirreL (with Firebird plugin).
> I can run SQuirreL fine, but it cant load Jaybird. I downloaded
> lastest version of Jaybird but I do not know what I have to do now so
> SQuirreL can use it.
> Any help is welcome ;)
> Thanks!
> Carlos