Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Sad IB5.6 JayBird story
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I have a desperat question for you all.. I´m stuck with Interbase
> 5.6 but I really want to switch from using Interclient to JayBird. I
> saw in the release notes that this would be possible but I´m so far
> unsuccessful to do so.

Release notes speak about the IB 6.x and 7.x. IB 5.x might be a different

> I have a working Interbase 5.6 client installation. GDS32.dll and
> Jaybird.dll reside in the system32 catalog (Windows 2000).
> I´m getting the following error:
> "FirebirdApiBinding::Initialize - Could not find or load the
> GDS32.DLL"
> I have traced this to the platform.cpp native code for jaybird
> (LoadLibrary) but now I am stuck!
> Is this even possible?

Most likely it happens because the jaybird.dll was compiled with library
from Firebird 1.5, which is most likely not compatible with gds32.dll from
IB 5.6. You have to check the API, maybe it would be enough to recompile
jaybird.dll using the libraries from the IB 5.6 distribution. Though, if the
APIs are not compatible, you should analyse whether it is possible to modify
the JNI handler...

If you get IB 5.6 to run with JayBird, please share your version with Paul
Beach (one of the Firebird Admins), he might be interested in this.