Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] embedded firebird looking for /opr/firebid/firebid.conf in linux (was firebird embedded under Linux problems)
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> The answer was in /var/log/messages
> I had never expected that java may log something there. I was
> expecting output on the console..
> this is what I have in it:
> Sep 10 12:47:25 nikolay java: Missing configuration file:
> /usr/local/firebird/firebird.conf, exiting (No such file or
> directory)

> But why? As I remember embedded version does not care about aliases
> and firebid.conf and so on......
> Is it somehting broken there or I have missed something in the docs?

Ask this in Firebird support (preferably not mentioning the fact that you
use Java, they might forward you back).

I remember Jim Starkey was very "angry" that configuration code in the
engine uses something like exit(0) when config is not found. I do not know
whether that was only full server code, or it also affected the embedded
engine as well.

Most likely this is a bug in the embedded engine, but the workaround seems
to be obvious.