Subject Re: Can't open connection
Author local_user5
> OK you may be one of the first people using WS2003 ;)
> We have decided not to bother with it, sticking with W2k or
switching to
> Linux.
> The WS2003 machine we set up for the test rig ran so much slower
> the W2k it replaced and required work that we could not be bothered
> undertake ( re-write all the help guides - etc )
> So you will probably need to help Roman identify the problem ;)
> ( W2kSP4 is still not being used because it broke perfectly stable
> network applications running on SP3 so I would expect WS2003 to
have the
> later 'security fixes' and hence the problems )

Thank you for reply again.

If I'll be able to help driver author by some way - of course, why

But I think it's not a good idea to use W2K on computer with a
HyperThreading support. So I'll try to find solution in W2K3.

In any case - thank you.