Subject JNI and events
Author blahclayton
I have posted this question on the java forum with little response so
I was wandering if I would have more success here.

I have created a java native interface to wait for events (using
isc_event_block, isc_que_events, isc_event_count) from the
database using firebird (V1.50) example api16.c.

It works fine on windows!!

I have compiled (gcc) the code into a shared library in Linux
(Mandrake 10).
Unfortunately when I try run the java application and post events it
does not seem to go in the callback routine in c code on Linux.

Has anybody tried this before with success?

Any help would be much appreciated?

FYI, I tried creating a cpp application to use a cpp shared lib
(created from original JNI code, taking all JNI stuff out) on linux
and that works fine!!

I am tearing my hair out so any help would be much appreciated.

If you need the code posting let me know.

Thanks in advance.