Subject Re: Failure to delist resource
Author dshohov
> >> I am experimenting with the new HAR deployer for deployment of
> >> files in Jboss 3.2.6 RC1. I reported it at
> >> <> But received
> >> no ideas there. I discovered that if I set the
> >> attribute on the Mbean to true, the problem went away. However,
> >> there appears to be no way to set this attribute in the
> >> firebird-ds.xml when using <tx-connection-factory>.
> > Really? As I recall there was when I wrote it.
> <track-connection-by-tx/> is available also to <connection-
> datasources, at least in JBoss 3.2.5 (do not know about 3.2.6). And
it seems
> that specifying it solves the problem, at least the test case I
> worked for 50 minutes without any exception in the log.

Our application works as well.

> David, can we consider this JBoss/configuration issue or maybe
there is
> something to tune in JayBird?

From Jboss docs:
"The XA spec implies that any connection may be enrolled in any
transaction using any xid for that transaction at any time from any
thread (suspending other transactions if necessary). The original JCA
implementation assumed this and aggressively delisted connections and
put them back in the pool as soon as control left the ejb they were
used in or handles were closed. Since some other transaction could be
using the connection the next time work needed to be done on the
original transaction, there is no way to get the original connection
back. It turns out that most XADataSource driver vendors do not
support this, and require that all work done under a particular xid
go through the same connection."

As I understand many drivers have the same behavior.

> Thanks!
> Roman

Dmitry Shohov