Subject Re: Non-numeric primary key
Author rajsubramani
> I think firebird-ds.xml is the wrong place for this.

I followed the instructions of the FAQ
and put the firebird.rar file in deploy. Since the default datasource
(hsqldb-ds.xml) that comes with JBoss sits in this deploy directory,
hence I placed firebird-ds.xml there. Seems to work!?

> I mark my entity bean transaction modes as Requires New and use a
> session bean facade. This is the EJB-server neutral way - any

I am using a MDA tool (AndroMDA) so I always get the session facade
for an entity bean (in this case SequenceService). All I had to do was
to fill in the business implementation for "getNextSequenceNumber". I
did mark SequenceEntity's as RequireNew (via the XDoclet tag)


> all connections returned from the pool will have
> Optimistic via multi-generational architecture. The SELECT FOR
> database will be in consistent state. How it manages this is the

> Roman

I thought that was a bit over the top. Anyway thats a JBoss issue, so
this is not the forum for it.

As an aside, I have been trying to set the following for firebird:
<mbean code=""
<attribute name="SqlProperties">

which be default is configured for hsqldb.

I came across this once in a JBoss forum (a long time ago) but I did
not bookmark the link.

Do you have any pointers/links on how to configure a
firebird-jdbc2-service.xml file?